Paket Tour Murah overview

 those who do not like water sports obstacles, we managed to berkelling the island and ride cidomo. This is the same if you want to visit the pink beach of Lombok because wingit headland is in 1 district. If calculated per person, the total cost trip to Lombok for 3 days 2 nights yesterday about Rp 360,000 per person, this fee is beyond the cost of airfare PP and souvenir yaa.

And to get to the location of Yarn Netting, you have to walk or climb the hill first, just get to the waterfall Yarn Netting, and the time taken approximately 30 minutes to arrive at this location. End of tour program in Paket Tour Murah Lombok. Arrive at airport selaparang, you will be picked up following the City tours program by visiting: Pura Lingsar (A place of worship between Hindus and Muslims when telu) If we are lucky we can find Moa fish (countryman Eels giant). Last and also important is the hotel where you stay.

The name of this hotel is Korea Sun Cruise Resort which is the first resort in the world with the shape and design of a large and magnificent ship. Also overlooking Nam chokseokru itseupnida sense of scenery. After that, the journey continues to the port of Teloq Nare to prepare a boat that will take you across to Gili Trawangan to enjoy the natural beauty under the sea.

There are several parts that have different temperatures, from warm warm nails to hot tingat that can boil eggs in minutes. When night comes, we will find very many party night that held some cafe around that area. In addition to Nature Tourism in Lombok Also Many There is a Wrong Cultural Tour. Here it is very peaceful and calm, until there nicknames island kedis is the island of love. We are an official travel agency on the island of Lombok. Besides that also you will also be brought to the historic place in the form of relics majapahit kingdom, around museums of transport, visiting pesantren science of the Qur’an, playing in East Java park and traveling in the city of Heroes Surabaya Island and Lombok, lombok tour packages and have many beautiful sight seeing from natural attraction to fantastic beach and also compliment that support the beauty of Bali island. In addition to lombok tour packages.

we also offer car rental lombok and cheap car rental lombok So that your vacation plans can be more flexible. Lombok is one of the most beautiful islands in the world and we also as the most important heirs of beauty in this country must also protect and preserve the beauty in this country by way of appreciating to take a trip to the wrought
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